Tytus L. Shields
Jamal Fuller
Matthew J. Dagnesi
Yesterday evening Agents executed simultaneous search warrants at two homes in Marietta.  One search warrant, executed at 165 Killwell Run Road, Marietta, resulted in the discovery of 1.73 grams of heroin packaged for sale in five unit doses and 3.88 grams of crack cocaine packaged for sale in nine unit doses.  Present in the room where the drugs were found were Tytus L. Shields, age 25, Marietta, and Jamal Fuller, age 20, 406 S. Harris Avenue, Columbus.  Shields and Fuller were last arrested in Marietta in January on drug charges and have a history of trafficking in drugs in the Washington County area.  Task Force Agents noticed it appeared that Shields and Fuller broke down larger quantities of the heroin and cocaine into portions appropriate for sale.  As a result of the search warrant, Agents arrested Shields and Fuller on a third degree charge of trafficking in heroin and a fourth degree felony charge of trafficking in heroin.  Shields was also served with additional third and fourth degree felony counts of trafficking in heroin.  On two occasions in January, Shields sold confidential informants a total of sixteen unit doses of heroin.  Shields and Fuller remain incarcerated in the Washington County Jail I lieu of respective bonds of $40,000 and $20,000.


The second search warrant involved an associate of Shields, who Agents identified as Matthew J. Dagnesi, age 26, 304 Kenwood Avenue, Marietta.  Dagnesi is a convicted felon out of the state of New York and is barred from possessing a firearm.  Through investigative means, Agents learned Mr. Degnesi purchased a handgun from a local store.  A search of Degnesi’s home yielded a chrome plated .380 handgun loaded with four rounds of ammunition.  Agents subsequently arrested Degnesi on a third degree felony charge of having a weapon while under disability. Dagnesi remains incarcerated in the Washington County Jail in lieu of $5,000 bond.