Two WashingtonCounty men, including a substitute teacher, were arrested yesterday on charges related to sexual conduct involving teenage girls.  24-year old Devin Binegar of Newport, and Shane Dye, also 24, of Newport, committed their crimes around July 2011. according to information Major Crimes Task Force and the Washington County Sheriffs Department.

A substitute teacher at FrontierHigh School, Binegar met a fifteen year old female at a party and subsequently engaged in sex with the teenager at a residence in WashingtonCounty.  The two engaged in sex a second time following another party the same month.

In an unrelated incident, Dye also engaged in sex with a fifteen year old female he met at a party in Newport.  After consuming moonshine the victim reportedly blacked out and was transported by friends to a home in Marietta along with Mr. Dye.  At the home, the victim fell asleep on a couch and awoke to find she was no longer wearing her pants.  When she asked why her pants were off Mr. Dye stated they were off because they had sex.  The teenager informed Task Force Agents that she never consented to having sex and commented that she had no relationship with Dye prior to the incident.  The teenager later gave birth to a child.  DNA test results indicate there is near 100% probability that Dye is the father.

As a result of the investigations, Binegar was arrested on a fourth degree felony charge of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor.  He is currently free after posting $15,000 bond.  Dye was arrested on a first degree felony charge of rape and remains incarcerated in the Washington County Jail in lieu of $250,000 bond.