Bull attack victim, 79-Year old Dale E. Gerken, of Whipple Ohio, is in critical but stable condition in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit at the Wexner Medical Center at Ohio State University after being life-flighted there around 5:00 am this morning. 

Gerken suffered a severe head injury and possibly broken ribs when he was stomped multiple times by a bull at his farm during a veterinary visit.  

At the farm to test the bull’s virility, the veterinarian stated Mr. Gerken and his grandson were escorting the animal into a cattle chute when the bull turned around and escaped through an unsecured gate.  Mr. Gerken was unable to avoid the charging bull and was rammed, tossing him several feet into the air.  Unconscious after hitting the ground, Mr. Gerken was attacked again by the bull.  The bystanders were able to end the attack by striking the bull with a metal pipe and pulling Mr. Gerken from harm’s way.

Mr. Gerken was transported to Marietta Memorial Hospital by the Fearing Fire Department and admitted at 3:00 pm yesterday in critical condition.  Mr. Gerken was scheduled to undergo surgery for his head injury but his conditioned worsened throughout the night in Marietta Memorial’s ICU.  At that time, it was determined to transport Mr. Gerken to Columbus.

 Deputy Sheriff Hunter responded to the scene and is currently conducting additional follow up.