Jimmy Fallon unveiled a new game on Thursday’s "Tonight Show" called 'Face Balls," and the first contestant was none other than his guest Julia Roberts.

As the talk show host explained, “The rules are simple, you throw a ball in you opponent’s face… as hard as you can.”

Roberts and Fallon then took turns hurling soft, plastic balls of varying sizes — from a close distance — at each other’s faces.

The Oscar winner nailed the “Tonight Show” host so intensely, he jokingly griped, “You don’t have to throw it that hard.”

Roberts, noting “I’m better handling big balls,” got nailed pretty good too with a couple of balls to her face.

Fallon kept apologizing to his guest. “You’re ‘America’s Sweetheart.’ I love you. I love having you on the show… please come back. I’m sorry!”

Mostly, though, the whole fun of the game was watching the impact of their faces in super-slow motion replay.

Check out the video below.

Photos: YouTube